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Lighting, Sound, Automation, Electrical & Lighting Design Services                                                                    


PEMBA sells a variety of lighting, sound and 

automation from lines for residential, 

commercial, industrial, government, and roadway.

Contact PEMBA to schedule an appointment to

discuss your lighting, sound, and automation needs.

Contact PEMBA to Schedule an Appointment

For decorative lighting lines that we carry in the showroom, 

you can shop online to create and save a wish list. 

You can pickup your fixtures at our showroom or we can ship 

them directly or deliver them to you. Just let us know what is easier.

Shop Lighting Online

PEMBA provides lighting 

and controls design services:

We specialized in a variety of lighting and electrical

lines to make your project unique and special.

Here are some of the lines that we use:

Lighting Lines

To finish your projects, consider using one of our laminate products on the ceilings, walls or counters. 

Use the visualizer app below to get some ideas.

(may need to open with Internet Explorer)

Laminate Visualizer

Want to shave in the shower?

The Acclaim LED Fog Free Mirror from Electric Mirror has a contemporary design

with natural-looking LED lighting, and a highly versatile built-in defogger.

This lighted mirror offers great lighting to make shaving easier than ever

and revolutionizing how your guests experience the shower.

The Acclaim from Electric Mirror

If you don't need the mirror, how about a backlit shower wall?

We sell backlit panels and laminates to help with your project.

Sizing Guidelines

The right lighting can bring elegance, charm and the right mood to your foyer, so long as it’s hung at the right height. 

We’ve learned by some of the very best lighting designers across the U.S. there are general rules for how tall and 

wide a lighting fixture should be for its location. Every application is unique and involves analyzing your particular space.

Sizing Guidelines from Progress Lighting

The Perfect Fan in 5 Steps

Ceiling fans are practical and efficient solutions for

creating comfortable and welcoming living areas.

With many styles, functions and features to choose from,

narrowing down the choices can be a challenge.

Here we present five tips for selecting

the perfect ceiling fan for your home.​

Ceiling Fan Buyer's Guide

from Progress Lighting